oa Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa - The type specimens

Volume 1968, Issue 10
  • ISSN : 0013-8789



In his descriptionptions of Ephemeridae from South Africa, which included the account on peringueyi, Petersen (1913) mentions that there were three males and three females, all imagines, and one female subimago of peringueyi in the collection, "" ... all collected at Mfongosi, Zululand, October, 1911, by W. E. Jones"" (p. 187). Barnard (1932), however, points out that, according to Ulmer (1916), Petersen sent him for comparison"" ... die S�dafrikanischen Typen seiner Sammlung."" It is also important to note that in his descriptionption of peringueyi, Petersen never designated types. Accordingly neither Petersen nor the South African Museum could claim holotypes. From Barnard's redescriptionption of peringueyi (Barnard, 1932: 255-7), it does not appear as if any of the original Mfongosi material was in fact retained by the South African Museum, neither is it clear whether Petersen returned any of his specimens. [Barnard's (1932: 256) notes suggest the presence of a ""forma major"" female imago and female subimago in the South African Museum which could represent part of the Mfongosi, October, 1911, material].

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