oa Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa - Malathion versus Parathion for the chemical control of the mealybug, Planococcus citri (Risso) on vines

Volume 20, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0013-8789



It has been shown, (Myburgh, 1951; Myburgh & Kriegler, 1953; Kriegler, 1955), that excellent control of Planococcus citri (Risso) in tablegrape vineyards in the Western Cape Province can be obtained by two summer applications of parathion. However, parathion is extremely toxic to human beings and presents a real hazard to labourers applying sprays in the vineyards. Because toxicity of malathion to human beings is so very much lower than parathion, (Johnson et al, 1952) it can be used with greater safety to spray machine operators. For this reason a field experiment was carried out to ascertain the insecticidal efficiency of malathion relative to parathion for mealy bug control.

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