oa Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa - New and little known armoured scales (Homoptera : Diaspididae) from South Africa - 3



In the present study twelve species of Diaspididae are dealt with of which Diaspis aequalis, D. delottoi, Formosaspis karroo, Morganella acaciae, Lindingaspis equipora, Rungaspis arcuata, Selenaspidus latus and Tecaspis angularis are descriptionbed for the first time; Chionaspis ambiguus Brain, Tecaspis kiggelariae (Brain) and T. visci (Brain) are redescriptionbed, the first being transferred to Andaspis MacGillivray; and Aulacaspis madiunensis (Zehnt.) is recorded from South Africa for the first time.


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