oa Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa - Subsaharan Ceratopogonidae (Diptera) VIII. Seven new species from the northern Transvaal



Seven new species of biting midges from the northern Transvaal are descriptionbed and illustrated: Forcipomyia Forcipomyia) creesi, F. (F.) letabanus, F. (Lepidohelea) ikinae, F. (L.) roseae, F. (Schizoforcipomyia) lecordeurorum, Alluaudomyia magoebai,and Kolenohelea uysorum. Monahelea calcarata Goetghebuer is transferred to the genus Kolenohelea (comb. nov.). A key is given to separate the five Subsaharan species of Forcipomyia (Schizoforcipomyia); corrections are made in the species assigned to the subgenus F. (Lepidohelea).


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