n Cardiovascular Journal of South Africa - Ventricular tachycardia as an adverse effect of the African potato ( sp.) : letter to the editor




Extracted from text ... Several extracts of the African potato (Hypoxis species) are used in traditional medicine as anti-inflammatory and antitumour agents, and recently, extracts based on lipophilic extracts of Hypoxis rooperi have been introduced into the market for the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy.1, 2 However, the properties of the plant have not been substantiated and the safety of these extracts has been questioned and is of serious concern.3 Recently the Medicines Control Council prematurely terminated a study of the African potato in HIV-positive patients because of bone marrow suppression. Nicoletti et al. isolated glycosides from the rhizomes of some African Hypoxis species4 ..


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