n Cardiovascular Journal of Africa - Application of thoracic endovascular dissecting aneurysm repair for secondary type B aortic dissection : online article - case report

Volume 26, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 1995-1892



Type A aortic dissection is an emergency condition that requires immediate surgery. Graft replacement of the ascending aorta is the main treatment for this disorder. However, after ascending aortic replacement, the dissection flap may progress to the distal side (to the descending aorta) and a new intimal tear may develop. In this study, we report on a 66-year-old woman who had a history of ascending aortic replacement six months earlier. She was admitted to hospital with a new onset of back pain. Computed tomography revealed a new dissection tear originating from the distal side of the subclavian artery orifice. Thoracic endovascular dissecting aneurysm repair (TEVDAR) was carried out on the patient. Additional complications were not observed in the postoperative period. Complete cure was provided and the patient was discharged on the fourth day after the operation. TEVDAR may be safe and effective in preventing progression of the aortic flap and the formation of a new intimal tear in type A aortic dissections. Optional hybrid interventions could ameliorate the outcomes in aortic dissection cases.

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