oa Cardiovascular Journal of Africa - Pulmonary stenosis and diffuse pulmonary artery coarctation associated with intact ventricular septum: successful repair in infancy

Volume 3, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1995-1892
  • E-ISSN: 1680-0745



The surgical repair of an 8 kg infant with inllinonary annular hypoplasia and a diffuse stenosis of the main left and right pulmonary arttries (Land RPAs) from their origin to their bifurcations is reported. The condition occurred as aD isolated congenital heart defect. The preoperative RV peak systolic pressure was 218 mmHg and tbe RV/LV ratio exceeded 2,3. Seven months after surgery this RV/LV ratio bad improved to 0,50 by ecbocardiography. A two-patch technique was utilised in tbe reconstruction, and the aorta was tnmsected to improve exposure.

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