oa Cardiovascular Journal of Africa - Halothane anaesthesia is associated with improved post-cardiopulmonary bypass global myocardial function



This study compared the effect of halothane and opiate anaesthesia on myocardial necrosis and reperfusion injury after coronary artery bypass surgery in patients. Except for the halothane and opiates, a similar anaesthetic technique was used in the two groups (10 patients each), including pre-induction beta-adrenergic blockade. The demographic data of the groups were similar and results indicated that there was no difference in the incidence of post-cardiopulmonary bypass arrhythmias. The creatine kinase myocardial fraction (CK-MB) in both groups increased after induction of anaesthesia (from 2,6 � 0,9 to 5,6 � 1,5%, mean and SEM for the opiate group and 1,3 � 0,2 to 7,8 � 1,7% for halothane patients).


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