n Child Abuse Research in South Africa - Die reekstekeningmodel in die terapeutiese hantering van 'n seksueel-gemolesteerde kind

Volume 11, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1562-1383



Drawings offer a view on the psychic world of the child, as well as play a key role in the emotional healing of children. This overview of the child's inner world is deepened and broadened when the drawings are done and dealt with in a series. The description and potential explanation of the drawings done by the respondent in a series are based on the theory of Carl Gustav Jung. Allan (1988) developed the serial drawing model from Jung's theory. Because the serial drawing model is embedded in the theory of Jung, the structure of the psyche is dealt with according to Jung's theory. This structure refers to the conscious, the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious. The elements of the foregoing are discussed by referring to the persona and ego {conscious}, complexes and shadow {personal unconscious} and archetypes (collective unconscious). It is also pointed out how the various elements of the structure of the psyche link with one another. The potential of healing by the Self is discussed by referring to the rationale for the utilization of drawings in the psychotherapeutic process. Part One ends with a framework for the deciphering of drawings.

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