n Child Abuse Research in South Africa - Education and well-being of orphans living in child and youth headed families in rural North-West Province

Volume 14, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1562-1383



Research and interventions for addressing challenges of child-headed families focus mostly on immediate solutions of child care, protection, placement, food supply and child support grants. There is little emphasis on holistic well-being in the context of health promotion, preventive health services, recreation and inclusive programs across the social spectrum.A grounded theory approach was used to develop a comprehensive framework which is intended to facilitate the educational well-being of orphans living in child- and youth-headed families. The framework was developed and is intended to be used within the context of the target population which is the child- and youth-headed families in of a rural village in North West Province in South Africa. The development of the framework was consequential to the lack of social networks, human capital and community care and support for orphans in the rural village which made the orphaned families vulnerable and desperate. The framework is meant to promote creation of systems that could facilitate development of social networks for child-headed families. These networks will improve access to services, assistance and possibly seal the cracks in the safety net for the orphaned families. A comprehensive framework which emerged from the data identifies the context of the families, experiences and phenomena based on the context, mitigating factors, strategies and outcomes. For ensuring that the intended outcomes are reached, a multi-level (individual, family, community, society) and multidisciplinary (education, agriculture, social development, health, arts and culture and justice) plan of implementation is developed and presented together with the framework.

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