n Child Abuse Research in South Africa - Potensiële verskille tussen seksueel misbruikte seuns en meisies : 'n literatuurstudie

Volume 3, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1562-1383



This article is a literature study in which the potential differences between sexually abused boys and girls is investigated and described. The findings indicate the following: More girls than boys are sexually abused, and more cases are reported by girls. Girls are more often sexually abused in their own homes, mostly by their stepfathers or other family members, whereas boys are more often sexually abused by a person outside their family, for instance by a person in a man-boy love group or a person involved in a sex ring. Boys are more threatened and involved in force and violent sex, and more often experience problems with their sexuality and confusion regarding their sexual identity as well as emotional and behavioural problems after the abuse than girls do. Boys are more often sexually abused by a younger offender. Sexually abused boys present aggressive and explicit behaviour more than girls with the same level of trauma. Girls react more positively to reflection on and discussion of their trauma during therapy than boys. When boys are willing to talk about their abuse, they handle it in a factual manner, in detail and as if it is somebody else's problem. These differences indicate a need for differentiation in therapy for sexually abused boys and girls.

Uit die literatuur blyk dit dat sommige navorsers van mening is dat die psigodinamika van seksueel misbruikte seuns en meisies verskil, onder andere ten opsigte van die voorkoms, ouderdom, tipes seksuele misbruik, die oortreder en die psigososiale gevolge van die seksuele misbruik. Hierdie aspekte het dan ook tot gevolg dat daar 'n verskil is/behoort te wees in die terapeutiese hantering van die verskillende geslagte.

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