n Child Abuse Research in South Africa - Teddy Bear Therapy : an application : research article

Volume 7, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1562-1383



This article explores the application of Teddy Bear Therapy (TBT) as a new way of dealing with traumatised children. Children's problems have not been appropriately and adequately addressed, because existing theories have been adopted from theories related to adults. In addressing these theoretical and practical treatment deficiencies, the basis of both play and story-telling as treatment methods were explored. Teddy Bear Therapy's therapeutic effectiveness is illustrated by means of two case studies: the traumatic impact of a car hijack experience on two young children (siblings aged three and five) and a five year old child who presented with a persistent condition of encopresis. In both cases, the symptomatic behaviour was addressed by means of Teddy Bear Therapy, resulting in a rapid and dramatic clearing up of the symptoms in only three therapeutic sessions. Follow-up sessions conducted several months later confirmed the effectiveness of this therapeutic intervention. As the existing literature is seldom based on the development level and experiences of children in particular, Teddy Bear therapy presents a breakthrough in the treatment of children's problems in our diverse South African context.

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