oa South African Journal of Chemistry - Crystal Structure of [Rh(cacsm-kN,kS)(CO)(PPh)].CHCOCH, (cacsm=methyl 2- (cyclohexylamino)-1-cyclopentene-1-dithiocarboxylate) and Kinetics of Iodomethane Oxidative Addition.

Volume 54, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0379-4350



The preparation of the acetone solvate of the title complex (methyl 2-(cyclohexylamino)-1- cyclopentene-1-dithiocarboxylato)- kN, kS)carbonyltriphenyl-phosphinerhodium(I), is described. The X-ray structure of the complex, [Rh(cacsm)(CO)(PPh3)].CH3COCH3 was determined and a final R-value of 4.52% resulted from refinement of 5059 observed reflections. The [Rh(cacsm)(CO)(PX3)] complexes (1), with X = phenyl (Ph), para-chlorophenyl (p-Cl-Ph), para-methoxyphenyl (p-MeO-Ph) and cyclohexyl (Cy), undergo oxidative addition by iodomethane, forming the Rh(III)-alkyl species (2) via an equilibrium step, followed by the formation of the Rh(III)-acyl species (3) according to the reaction:

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