oa South African Journal of Chemistry - A Raman study of titanate nanotubes

Volume 58, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0379-4350



The effect of the addition of NaOH or KOH on commercial Degussa Titania P25 was investigated using TEM, Raman and Raman spectroscopy. Treatment of titania with conc. NaOH generated a tubular material corresponding to a sodium titanate. An Raman study on the sodium titanate nanotubes as a function of temperature revealed that the titanate structure was stable up to 700°C. Raman spectra of the titanate nanotubes after acid treatment, showed that the titanate structure was retained and EDX analysis revealed only trace amounts of sodium (0.3%) left in the material. HRTEM data are also consistent with the synthesis of protonated titanate nanotubes. An Raman study of protonated titanate nanotubes as a function of temperature showed that the material was stable up to 150°C, while anatase appeared at T > 300°C. An Raman study of the protonated titanate nanotubes produced from KOH as a function of temperature showed that the shape and size of the nanotubes prepared from NaOH and KOH are similar although rutile formation at 1000°C was different. A proposal for the formation of tubular titanates (and anatase) is given.

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