oa South African Journal of Chemistry - Performance and structure of LiNiMnO prepared from various Ni precursors for lithium ion batteries : research article

Volume 61, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0379-4350



LiNiMnO compounds were prepared through a solid-state reaction using various Ni precursors. The effect of the precursors on the electrochemical performance of LiNiMnO was investigated. LiNiMnO made from Ni(NO)•6HO shows the best charge-discharge performance. The reversible capacity of LiNiMnO is about 145 mA h g-1 and remained at 143 mA h g-1 after 10 cycles at 3.0 to 5.0 V. The XRD results showed that the precursors and dispersion method had significant effects on their structures. Pure spinel phase can be obtained with a high energy ball-milling method and Ni(NO)•6HO as precursor. A trace amount of the NiO phase was detected in LiNiMnO with the manual grinding method when Ni(CHCOO)•6HO, NiO and NiO were used as precursors.

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