oa South African Journal of Chemistry - Oxo and oxofree rhenium(V) complexes with N,O-donor Schiff bases : research article

Volume 65, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0379-4350



The reaction between -[ReVOI(PPh)] and Hduo (-(2-hydroxybenzylidene)-5-amino-1,3-dimethyl uracil) led to the formation of the oxofree, imido compound, -[ReV(ddd)(Hduo)(PPh)]I (1) (Hddd=5,6-diamino-1,3-dimethyluracil). An oxo complex, -[ReV(bcp)OCl(PPh)](2) [Hbcp = -(2-hydroxybenzylidene)-benzothiazole] was isolated from the reaction of -[ReOVCl(PPh)]with Hbcp. The crystal structures of the compounds were determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction.

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