oa South African Journal of Chemistry - Hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde over an ionic cobalt promoted alumina-supported palladium catalyst : research article

Volume 66, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0379-4350



Nano γ-alumina-supported transition metal-based mono- (Pd0/γ-AlO or CoIII/γ-AlO) and bimetallic catalysts (Pd0CoIII/γ-AlO), were prepared by wet impregnation, oxidation and reduction of the palladium. The palladium(II) acetate [PdII(OOCCH)], cobalt(II) acetate [CoII(OOCCH)]·4HO and palladium, cobalt bridging tetra acetate [PdIICoII(OOCCH)]·HO·2CHCOOH, were used as catalyst precursors to prepare a 7.4 % mol catalyst/support loading. The oxidation states of these activated catalysts were studied by XPS. These catalysts were evaluated for hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde in a biphasic reaction under 3MPa of hydrogen at 80 °C. The Pd0/γ-AlO selectively catalyzed the hydrogenation of C=C bond in cinnamaldehyde to form phenylpropanol (100 %). In contrast, catalysis with Pd0CoIII/γ-AlO hydrogenated both C=C and C=O bonds consecutively, forming 65 % phenylpropanal and 35 % phenylpropanol with TOF = 47.2 h-1. No reaction occurred when CoIII/γ-AlO was used.

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