oa South African Journal of Chemistry - Inorganic-organic hybrids incorporating a chiral cyclic ammonium cation

Volume 66, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0379-4350



In this paper we report the synthesis and the crystal structure of eight inorganic-organic hybrids containing various lead halides as the inorganic motif and a chiral, primary ammonium cation as the organic constituent. The organic cation investigated is (CHC*H(CH)NH)+ and both the () and () as well as the racemic () forms were used. Within the structures obtained, three different inorganic motifs are displayed by the lead halide octahedra: 1-D polymeric face-sharing chains of formula (()-[CHCH(CH)NH)PbBr] (4) and [(()-CHCH(CH)NH)PbBr] (5); 1-D polymeric corner-sharing ribbons based on the terminated-KNiF type structure of formula (()-[CHCH(CH)NH)PbI] (1) and [(()-CHCH(CH)NH)PbI] (2); and 2-D corner-sharing layers based on the KNiF perovskite structure type of formula [(()-CHCH(CH)NH)PbBr] (3), [(()-CHCH(CH)NH)PbCl] (6), (()-[CHCH(CH)NH)PbCl] (7) and [(()-CHCH(CH)NH)PbCl] (8).

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