oa South African Journal of Chemistry - Determination of leachable vanadium (V) in sediment : research article

Volume 68, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0379-4350



A method for speciation of vanadium in solid samples was developed for quantification of vanadium(+5) in solid samples of sediment Certified Reference Materials (CRM) PACS-2 and MESS-3 (Trace Elements in Sediments) of known total vanadium content. The method relies on a classical analytical chemistry procedure based on leaching water-insoluble vanadium(+5) compounds from the solid state into solution usingNa2CO3 followed by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (ET-AAS) detection. The total amount content of vanadium was determined after complete digestion of the CRMs and found to be 132 ± 5 and 245 ± 12 µg g-1 in PACS-2 and MESS-3, respectively, in good agreement with the certified values of 133 ± 6 µg g-1 and 243 ± 12 µg g-1. The concentrations of vanadium(+5) were determined to be 25 ± 3 µg g-1 and 13 ± 2 µg g-1 in PACS-2 and MESS-3, respectively. These results were verified by the method of standard additions for which quantitative recoveries (100 ± 2 and 97 ± 3 %, one standard deviation, n = 3) were obtained for spikes added to PACS-2 and MESS-3, respectively. Approximately 18.8 % of the total vanadium content of PACS-2 and 5.3 % in MESS-3 is in the form of vanadium(+5) species.

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