oa Civil Engineering = Siviele Ingenieurswese - Chryso launches two new concrete solutions



Extracted from text ... TWO NEW PRODUCTS for optimum concrete production developed by Chryso in France are now available from Chryso South Africa. The first, Chrysofibre S50, is a second-generation synthetic macro-fibre that improves the characteristics of hardened concrete after cracking has occurred: the presence of the fibre prevents the cracks from opening. Chrysofibre S50 consists of polypropylene and polyethylene fibres. With an elasticity of 5 GPA and tensile strength of 600 MPa, Chryso's new macro-fibre can replace metallic fibres and can be used in much smaller quantities. 'In fact, Chrysofibre S50 can be applied at just one-seventh of the dosage for metallic fibres, ' ..


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