oa Civil Engineering = Siviele Ingenieurswese - The effects of bolt strengths on connection design



Extracted from text ... Extract from draft SANS 10162-1 13.12 BOLTS 13.12.1 Bolts in bearing-type connections General For bolts subject to shear or tension, ?b shall be taken as 0, 80. Bolts in shear The factored resistance developed by a bolted joint subjected to shear shall be taken as the lesser of (a) the factored bearing resistance, Br, given in 13.10(c); or (b) the factored shear resistance of the bolts, which shall be taken as Vr = 0, 60 ?b?n?m?Ab?fu When the bolt threads are intercepted by any shear plane, the factored shear resistance of any joint shall be taken as 0, 70Vr. ..


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