oa Civil Engineering = Siviele Ingenieurswese - Diarise this



Extracted from text ... SIVIELE INGENIEURSWESE ? MEI 2005 44 DIARISE THIS! Event Handling Projects in a Consulting Engineer's Practice Wolf Weidemann Business Finances for Built Environment Professionals Wolf Weidemann Young Geotechnichal Engineers & Practitioners YGE 2005 Concrete Repairs (one day) Obtaining Environmental Authorization: A Strategy Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution for Managers X-Pert Proactive Management and Planning SAICE Wits/Pretoria Afternoon Lecture Course Practical Concrete Surface Beds (one day) Vaalco Conference Railway and Harbour Division Symposium Landfill 2005 Date 4-5 August 2005 9-10 June 13-15 June 2005 14 June 2005 13-14 July 2005 2-3 August 2005 15-18 August 2005 3-31 August 2005 7-28 September 2005 ..


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