oa Civil Engineering = Siviele Ingenieurswese - Oor die samedrukbaarheid van kleie uit die omgewing van Stellenbosch



An investigation to relate some of the Atterberg Limits to the compression indices and specified void ratios of remolded clay samples from the vicinity of Stellenbosch was carried out. A parallel displacement of the Uquld limit (L.L.) versus compression Index (C) curve to that obtained by Skempton, was observed. A marked relationship was found between the plastic limit (P.L.) and an arbitrarily chosen void ratio (e). The rapid rrmfwd of performing~ the consolidation test as had been proposed by Hsuan-Loh Su,' was employed. Three samples were tested by means of the 24 hour conventional method to serve as a control to the rapid tndluxi. Satisfactory values of compression Indices were obtained from the rapid "",.(fwd. but values of the coefficient of consolidation (0,) were found to be too hl~h.


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