n Civil Engineering = Siviele Ingenieurswese - Sustainability of benefits achieved by on-site water conservation and leak repair in indigent households, City of Ekurhuleni : water engineering

Volume 23, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1021-2000



On-site water conservation and leak repair by municipalities in private properties is one of the strategies that can be employed to reduce water consumption. Lugoma (2012) highlighted some studies that have been done on on-site leakage. They also highlighted some South African projects that realised water consumption reductions of between 20% and 38% due to on-site leak repair. Even though on-site water conservation and leak repair have been shown to be successful, and the benefits can be achieved in a relatively short period, it is not being done by most municipalities, because municipal policies and/or bylaws do not allow leaks to be repaired by municipal personnel on private properties (Wegelin 2009).

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