oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - Design and construction of a 300 m high multi-flue chimney at Duvha Power Station

Volume 21, Issue 12
  • ISSN : 0009-7845



The paper describes the design and construction of the 300 m high multi-flue chimney at Duvha Power Station in the Eastern Transvaal. This is the first of a number of chimneys of comparable height to be constructed at Escom's new powerstations to meet strict pollution control requirements. The paper deals with the reasons for the choice of a multi-flue configuration and covers those aspects of the design and construction in which special problems had to be overcome. Special attention is paid to the choice of suitable lining materials to meet the corrosive environment inside the flues and the design approach to resist wind loads and particularly the aerodynamic interaction between structure and wind. Proposals to instrument the chimney to obtain data about flue gas composition and corrosion and new information about dynamic wind pressures and response are described.

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