oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - Environmental planning for coal strip mining



An overview of environmental planning in relation to the massive new coal strip mining industry in the eastern Transvaal is presented by a panel. Aspects reviewed include the industry in perspective, the natural environment and agricultural potential, mining methods, potential pollution problems, environmental care policy, environmental impact assessment and monitoring, and rehabilitation policy and practice. A brief review is given.

'n Oorsig van omgewingsbeplanning met betrekking tot die massiewe nuwe steenkool dagbou-industrie in die oostelike Transvaal word deur 'n span aangebied. Aspekte onder oorsig behels die industrie in perspektief, die natuurlike omgewing en landbou potensiaal, mynbou-metodes, potensiale besoedelingprobleme, omgewings versorgings beleid, omgewings aanslag beraming en waarneming, en rehabilitasie beleid en toepassing. 'n Kort oorsig word gegee.


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