oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - The asphaltic concrete lining of a reservoir in the Eastern Transvaal

Volume 22, Issue 9
  • ISSN : 0009-7845



This paper describes the design and construction of what is believed to be the first raw water storage reservoir to be built in the Republic of South Africa using hydraulic asphaltic concrete for its waterproof lining. The reservoir is situated in the Eastern Transvaal and provides water storage for the Electricity Supply Commission's Matla power station. The oval reservoir has external plan dimensions of approximately 390 m by 530 m, an 8 m water depth and comprises two equal compartments having a total capacity of 885 000 m3.

The entire internal slopes and floors, having a total area of 140000 m2, are lined with hydraulic asphaltic concrete to provide waterproofing. The various components of the lining comprise a 75 mm base course, overlain successively by a 50 mm bituminous bound drainage layer, two 40 mm layers of hydraulic asphaltic concrete and finally a 2 mm seal coat.
The lining selection is discussed and details of the lining components are given with special reference to laboratory testing and construction procedure.

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