oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - A laboratory model for under-water construction of a dam

Volume 23, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0009-7845



A small-scale model dam has been constructed in the laboratory by dumping soil stone mixtures into water. Aspects of stability and permeability of the dam model were investigated and two concepts were tested and compared : dumping of pre-mixed soil-stone mixture and placement of a stone core covered with a soil layer on the upstream side. Variation of permeability and settlement with time were observed. The results of this study could be helpful in the design and development of a construction method for wet construction of a dam.

'n Kleinskaal model dam is in die laboratorium gebou deur die storting van grond-klip mengsels in water. Aspekte van die stabiliteit en deurlaatbaarheid van die model dam is ondersoek en twee konsepte is getoets en vergelyk : storting van voorafgemengde grond-klip mengsel en die plasing van 'n klip kern gedek met 'n grondlaag aan die stroomop kant. Variasie van deurlaatbaarheid en versakking met tyd is waargeneem en die resultate van hierdie studie kan van hulp wees in die ontwerp en ontwikkeling van 'n konstruksiemetode vir die nat konstruksie van 'n dam.

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