oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - The signalling and operating systems of Sentrarand Marshalling Yard



This paper describes the salient features of the signalling and telecommunication systems installed at Sentrarand and the link lines serving the yard. The philosophy, equipment and control centre of the link lines are followed by an overall description of the yard, its equipment and operation. The problems encountered in using new equipment are highlighted and the essential telecommunication infrastructure is described. The article concludes with a schedule of vital statistics.

Hierdie artikel bespreek die opvallende kenmerke van die sinjalering en telekommunikasie sisteme wat te Sentrarand en langs die verbindingslyne geïnstalleer is. Die filosofie, toerusting en beheersentrum van die verbindingslyne word beskryf asook die toerusting en werking van die terrein. Die problem wat ondervind is met die gebruik van nuwe toerusting word uitgelig en die essensiële telekommunikasie infrastruktuur word beskryf. Die artikel word afgesluit met 'n lys van tersaaklike statistiek.


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