oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - Analysis and testing of reinforced concrete cantilever slabs subjected to point loading

Volume 24, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 0009-7845



It is disturbing to notice that large differences can occur when designing reinforced concrete cantilever slabs for strength by elastic methods or, alternatively, by ultimate approaches such as the yield-line analysis. The results are therefore reported of a comparison between elastic analysis, yield-line analysis and laboratory tests for reinforced concrete cantilever slabs subjected to point loading.

In essence, the theoretical study embraces a number of different reinforcement arrangements in a slab of infinite length and finite span.
The laboratory tests were performed on three slabs with a length to span ratio of 6 and on three further slabs with a length to span ratio of 8,8. The major purpose of these tests was to measure the actual failure loads for comparison with theoretical results.
A conclusion has been drawn regarding the suitability of the yield-line approach in analysing slabs of the nature investigated in this study. In addition, the serviceability limit state of deflection is discussed in some detail using the load-deflection curves recorded during the experiments.

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