oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - Car fuel consumption under urban travel conditions



Fuel consumption was measured for a typical South African car when driving in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria. The rates were virtually the same for all these cities : about 75 m of petrol for each kilometre driven, plus 30 m for each stop made, for speeds below 63 km / h.

There is a simple and quite powerful relation between the rate of petrol consumption in / 100 km and journey speed in km / h. Alternatively, the rate can be related to journey time in seconds per kilometre (the reciprocal of speed); this relation is actually linear. There is also a strong linear relation between this rate and the number of stops made per kilometre.
The minimum fuel consumption, approximately 70 m / km, occurred at a journey speed of about 63 km / h. At speeds exceeding this value the air resistance significantly influenced the consumption rate. Another influential factor was driving with a cold engine : about 16 per cent more petrol was consumed during the first 500 seconds of driving after a cold start.

Brandstofverbruik is gemeet vir 'n tipiese Suid-Afrikaanse motor vir ritte in Johannesburg, Kaapstad, Durban, Port Elizabeth en Pretoria. Die verbruikskoerse is feitlik dieselfde vir al hierdie stede : ongeveer 75 m petrol vir elke kilometer afgelê, plus 30 m vir elke stop, vir spoede laer as 63 km / h.

Daar bestaan 'n eenvoudige en sterk verband tussen die petrolverbruikskoers in / 100 km en reisspoed in km / h. Alternatiewelik kan die koers in verband gebring word met reistyd in sekondes per kilometer (die omgekeerde van spoed); hierdie verhouding is selfs reglynig. Daar bestaan ook 'n sterk reglynige verband tussen die brandstofverbruikskoers en die aantal stoppe per kilometer.
Die minimum brandstofverbruik, ongeveer 70 m / km, het voorgekom teen 'n reisspoed van omtrent 63 km / h. Vir spoede vinniger as 63 km / h het die lugweerstand die verbruikskoers wesenlik beïnvloed. Nog 'n faktor wat die koers beïnvloed het, was ritte met 'n koue enjin : ongeveer 16 persent meer petrol word verbruik gedurende die eerste 500 sekondes van 'n rit na 'n koue wegtrek.


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