oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - Use of ferricrete for road construction in the South-Western Cape Province

Volume 24, Issue 9
  • ISSN : 0009-7845



As a result of the tremendous variation of the properties of ferricretes found in the south-western Cape, especially with regard to their uses for road building, it was decided to conduct an in-depth investigation to establish the reasons and extent of this variation in formation. The investigation was conducted on the in situ material in two borrowpits located in a road contract, as also on the ferricrete in the road pavement extracted from these two sources. All the tests discussed were conducted in the normal site laboratory.

The discussion contained herein reviews the origin of ferricrete, the results of the tests conducted and some recommendations as to extraction and construction procedures. The tests conducted on the in situ ferricrete deposits included such aspects as the California Bearing Ratio, the Atterberg Limits, moisture contents, stabilization and the reaction of certain primes.

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