oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - A model for rapid, on-site optimization of scraper performance : technical paper

Volume 27, Issue 11
  • ISSN : 0009-7845



A model is described whereby the optimum loading time and the concomitant production and cost of a scraper fleet may be accurately and very rapidly ascertained on site by means of a pocket calculator. The requisite equations are given and the performance of a program implementing the model is discussed.

'n Model waarmee die optimum laaityd en die ooreenkomstige produksie en koste van 'n vloot skrapers op 'n akkurate en bale vinnige manier met 'n sakrekenaar bepaal kan word, word beskryf. Die nodige vergelykings word verskaf en die verrigtinge van 'n program wat die model implementeer word bespreek.

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