oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - Particle shape and grading of cement, fly ash and slag : technical paper



This paper describes an investigation into the shape and particle size distribution of two cement products, one sample of fly ash and one of slag. The determination of these parameters is difficult and use was made of scanning electron microscope and Coulter Counter techniques in addition to conventional sieve and hydrometer tests. Results of the tests are presented and discussed.

Hierdie verhandeling beskryf 'n ondersoek van die vorm en die korrelgrootte verdeling van twee sement produkte, een monster vliegas en een slak. Die bepaling van hierdie parameters is moeilik en daarom word gebruik gemaak van aftas elektronemikroskoop en 'Coulter-counter' tegnieke, asook van die konvensionele sif en hidrometertoetse. Die resultate van die toetse word hierin voorgelĂȘ en bespreek.


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