oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - Evaluation of strength of precast reinforced concrete portal culverts : technical paper



Strength tests performed on three sizes of precast concrete portal culverts from two different manufacturers indicate that the SABS 0100 code requirements for shear strength for pinned support portal culverts are conservative. Some of the pinned support culverts exhibited adequate shear strength to meet the design requirements. Shear failures, however, were brittle and the results indicate that changes in detailing may be required.

Sterktetoetse gedoen op drie groottes van voorafgegote portaalduikers afkomstig van twee verskillende vervaardigers toon dat die vereistes vir skuifsterkte in die SABS 0100-kode vir pen-opgelegde portaalduikers konserwatief is. Vir sommige van die pen-opgelegde duikers was die skuifsterkte voldoende om die ontwerpvereistes te bevredig. Waar skuifswigting voorgekom het, was dit bros en dus mag dit wenslik wees om die detailering van die duikers aan te pas.


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