oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - Standard coding systems. Their applicability to the South African construction industry : technical paper

Volume 32, Issue 9
  • ISSN : 0009-7845



Standard coding systems (SCS) for bill of quantities items simplify and encourage the use of computer-aided tendering (CAT) systems. In the United Kingdom the use of SCS is supported by both contractors and quantity surveyors. To achieve widespread acceptance of SCS in South Africa it is proposed that the standard method of measurement (SMM) be revised to incorporate such a coding system. This approach appears to have the support of contractors, but quantity surveyors seem hesitant about the concept. In this paper the background to the introduction of SCS and CAT systems in the UK is given and the advantages gained by both contractors and quantity surveyors are illustrated. The effect that computers are likely to have on methods of communication between the professions and contractors is also described and the impact that SCS is likely to have on this communication is stressed.

Standaard-kodestelsels (SKS) vir hoeveelheidslysitems vergemaklik en bevorder die gebruik van rekenaargesteunde tenderstelsels (RTS). In die Verenigde Koninkryk word die gebruik van SKS deur kontrakteurs en bourekenaars gesteun. Om algemene aanvaarding van SKS in Suid-Afrika aan te moedig, word voorgestel dat die standaard-metode van meting (SMM) hersien word om so 'n stelsel in te lyf. Dit blyk dat so 'n stap die ondersteuning van die kontrakteurs geniet, maar dat die bourekenaars steeds bedenkinge het. In hierdie verhandeling word die agtergrond tot die implementering van SKS en RTS in die Verenigde Koninkryk geskets en word die voordele daarvan vir kontrakteurs en bourekenaars uitgebeeld. Die invloed wat die gebruik van rekenaars en veral die gebruik van SKS op die kommunikasie tussen die kontrakteur en die bouprofessies sal uitoefen, word bespreek.

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