oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - The impact of seismic events on buildings in mining areas

Volume 33, Issue 12
  • ISSN : 0009-7845



This paper discusses the occurrence of earthquakes and earth tremors in South Africa. The characteristics of ground motions associated with mine tremors are then discussed, and it is shown that mine tremors are frequently characterized by unexpectedly high peak horizontal accelerations and velocities, the largest recorded to date being 0,45 g and 67 mm/s respectively. A peak ground velocity of about 10 mm/s is a typical threshold value above which damage to masonry construction could be expected. The maximum frequency content of these ground motions lies in a band typically between 10 Hz and 50 Hz (which is much higher than that associated with natural seismic events) and hence it can be concluded that mine tremors are not likely to produce any significant structural response for buildings with natural frequencies of vibration of less than about 2 Hz.

Die voorkoms van aardbewings in Suid-Afrika word in hierdie referaat behandel, met spesifieke verwysing na skuddings as gevolg van mynaktiwiteite. Mynskuddings word gekenmerk deur ongewoon hoe horisontale snelhede en versnellings. Die hoogste snelheid wat tot dusver geregistreer is, is 67 mm/s en die hoogste versnelling 0,45g. Grondsnelhede van ongeveer 10 mm/s kan as 'n drumpelwaarde vir skade aan messelwerk aanvaar word. Die maksimum frekwensie van mynskuddings is in die omgewing van 10 Hz tot 50 Hz, wat baie hoer is as die frekwensie van natuurlike seismiese aktiwiteite. Dit blyk dus onwaarskynlik dat mynskuddings enige beduidende strukturele effekte op geboue met natuurlike frekwensies van minder as 2 Hz sal he.

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