oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - The influence of aggregates on the compressive strength and elastic modulus of concrete : technical paper

Volume 34, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 0009-7845



Descriptions are given of the performance characteristics of concrete made with 13 different aggregate types commonly used in South Africa. These aggregates were used to make an extensive series of concrete mixes, covering a broad range of strengths and tested at ages up to six months. Differences in strengths attributable to changes in the type of aggregate used were investigated and found to be generally small, but in some cases amounted to as much as 10 MPa to 15 MPa. For some applications of concrete these differences could be technically and/or economically significant.

Until recently, essential data relating to the stiffness of concrete have not been available to assist the engineer in making realistic estimates of the elastic modulus () of concrete. In this investigation the values of concretes made with the different aggregate types were measured and the results analysed. This showed that aggregate type has a powerful influence on the of concrete.

Die werkverrigtingseienskappe van betonmengsels, gemaak van 13 tipes aggregaat wat algemeen in Suid-Afrika gebruik word, word beskryf. Die reeks betonmengsels het 'n bree spektrum van sterktes gedek en is ook op verskillende stadia, tot en met ses maande, getoets. Die verskil in sterkte tussen betonmengsels as gevolg van die gebruik van verskillende aggregate in die mengsels, is ondersoek. In die algemeen was die verskille klein, maar in sommige gevalle was dit 10 MPa tot 15 MPa. Hierdie verskille kan tegnies en/of ekonomies beduidend wees vir sommige aanwendings van beton.

Data wat die styfheid van beton beskryf was tot onlangs toe nog nie vir ingenieurs beskikbaar om realistiese beramings van die elastisiteitsmodulus () van beton te maak nie. Die -waardes van die beton gemaak met verskillende tipes aggregaat is in hierdie werk ondersoek en geanaliseer. Een van die belangrike gevolgtrekkings wat gemaak is, is dat die aggregaat-tipe 'n groot invloed op die -waarde van beton het.

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