oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - lnfluence of environmental conditions on the durability of polyester-based geosynthetics : technical paper

Volume 34, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 0009-7845



This paper reviews the results of tensile tests on non-woven polyester geosynthetics sampled after two to eight years of burial. These results are contrasted with theoretical extrapolation of short-term strength loss based on an empirical measure for laboratory aged samples exposed to temperatures above the glass transition temperature. This temperature range is well in excess of the typical temperature to which buried geosynthetics would be exposed. The paper concludes that a buried polyester geosynthetic could have a design life in excess of 50 years, but cautions that exposure to high temperatures and humidity such as is typical within 600 mm of the surface can lead to rapid degradation by hydrolysis.

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