oa Civil Engineer in South Africa - An innovative approach to compiling reservoir operating rules : technical paper

Volume 34, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 0009-7845



Water resource management aims at maximizing the utilization efficiency of the source. Efficiency is achieved by regulating supply such that average abstractions can exceed the firm yield of the resource, with the proviso that tolerable restrictions can be imposed timeously to avoid system failure. Reservoir operating rules serve to define the system storage state below which restrictions must be imposed. It follows that these rules must allow for the combined effects of the variability of abstraction rates, the stochastic nature of inflows and the short-term system response to available storage. Accordingly, modern methods of designing reservoir operating rules rely more and more on sophisticated systems analysis techniques with stochastically generated hydrological inputs. To date, the time costs involved in applying these techniques have tended to confine their use to large complex systems. The paper suggests a way of designing reservoir rules using well-tried techniques backed by modern numerical methods. This puts the cost of such analyses within reach of relatively small system applications.

Waterhulpbronbestuur beoog optimalisering van die benutting van die bron. Optimale benutting word bereik deur watervoorsiening te reguleer op so 'n manier dat gemiddelde onttrekkings wat groter is as die bestendige lewering van die bron toegelaat mag word, met die verstandhouding dat waterbeperkings betyds geimplimenteer moet word om onaanvaarbare tekorte in die stelsel te voorkom. Bedryfsreels beskryf die opgaarkapasiteit in die stelsel waaronder beperking noodsaaklik word. Die reels moet dus die gekombineerde effek van die wisselvalligheid van onttrekkings, die stogastiese aard van invloeie en die korttermyn-stelselreaksie op opgaarkapasiteit omskryf. Moderne metodes om bedryfsreels te bereken neig meer en meer na gesofistikeerde tegnieke wat stelselontleding behels en wat gebruik maak van stogastiese hidrologie as inset. Tot op hede het die tydkostes verbonde aan die tegnieke hulle bruikbaarheid tot groot komplekse stelsels beperk. Die referaat beskryf 'n metode om bedryfsreels te bereken deur wydgebruikte tegnieke en moderne numeriese metodes te kombineer. Die benadering verminder die koste van stelselontleding sodanig dat die metode vir relatief kleiner stelsels gebruik kan word.

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