n Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering = Joernaal van die Suid-Afrikaanse Instituut van Siviele Ingenieurswese - The need for construction health and safety (H&S) and the Construction Regulations : engineers' perceptions : technical paper

Volume 47, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-2019



International research indicates that clients, designers, project managers, and quantity surveyors influence and can contribute to H&S. <br>The promulgation of the South African Construction Regulations in July 2003 has realised client, designer, and quantity surveyor responsibility for H&S. Clients are required to - inter alia - provide the principal contractor (PC) with an H&S specification and ensure that PCs have made adequate allowance for H&S. Designers are required to - inter alia - provide the client with all relevant information about the design, which will affect the pricing of the works, inform the contractor of any known or anticipated dangers or hazards, provide the contractor with a geo-science technical report, and the methods and sequence of construction, and modify the design where dangerous procedures would be necessary, or substitute hazardous materials. <br>Given the implications of the Construction Regulations, and the opportunity presented by the presentation of a national series of Construction Regulations seminars, a survey was conducted to determine the perceptions of primarily engineering delegates. <br>Findings include that: contractors predominate in terms of the perceived extent to which stakeholders can contribute to H&S; the implementation of quality management systems (QMSs) would complement construction H&S; client satisfaction predominates in terms of the importance of various project parameters, followed by quality, cost, and time; productivity and time predominate among parameters negatively affected by inadequate H&S; approximately 61 % of respondents stated that the Construction Regulations would result in between an improvement to major improvement / major improvement in H&S.

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