n Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineers - Evaluation of a new method for the measurement of permeability in the field : technical paper




The field measurement of hydraulic conductivity of surface or near-surface soils in South Africa usually makes use of the double-ring infiltrometer method. This paper describes an evaluation of an alternative apparatus, the Guelph permeameter. The results of the evaluation do not indicate the superiority of either apparatus for measuring hydraulic conductivity, but rather that there is little to choose between them. However, the speed with which results are obtained with the Guelph provides a greatly enlarged statistical sample in the available testing time.

By die veldmeting van hidrouliese geleivermoe (konduktiwiteit) van oppervlakte of nabyoppervlakte gronde in Suid-Afrika word die dubbelringinfiltrometermetode gewoonlik gebruik. Hierdie referaat beskryf die evaluasie van 'n alternatiewe apparaat, die 'Guelph permeameter'. Die resultate van die evaluasie toon nie die superioriteit (meerderwaardigheid) van enige van die apparate vir die meet van hidrouliese geleivermoe nie, maar eerder dat daar min te kies is tussen die twee. Nietemin, die snelheid waarteen resultate verkry word met die Guelph verskaf 'n aansienlik groter statistiese monster binne die beskikbare toetsperiode.


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