n Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineers - Type 3CR12 corrosion-resistant steel : the strength of hot-rolled angle compression members : technical paper




The development of design criteria for a given material requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of the behaviour of the material and structural members fabricated from that material. This paper is devoted to the study of the behaviour of singly symmetric angle columns hot-rolled from Type 3CR12 corrosion-resistant steel. It is concluded in this study that stainless steels such as Type 3CR12 steel show gradual yielding behaviour and that the design specifications for carbon steels might not be applicable for this steel. Although the experimental results compare reasonably with the theoretical design equations when the tangent modulus approach is used, the results also compare well with the theoretical design equations when the American, Canadian and South African hot-rolled carbon steel design specifications are used.

By die ontwikkeling van ontwerpkriteria vir 'n bepaalde materiaal is dit nodig om 'n deeglike kennis te he van die gedrag van die materiaal en van struktuurdele wat daarvan vervaardig is. In hierdie studie word die gedrag van enkelsimmetriese warmgewalsde hoekysterkolomme wat van Tipe 3CR12-roeswerende staal vervaardig is, ondersoek. Omdat Tipe 3CR12-staal geleidelikswigtende gedrag toon, mag die ontwerpspesifikasies vir koolstofstaal nie van toepassing hierop wees nie. Alhoewel die eksperimentele resultate goed vergelyk met die teoretiese ontwerpvegelykings wanneer die tangensmodulusbenadering gevolg word, vergelyk die resultate ook goed met die teoretiese ontwerpvergelykings van die Amerikaanse, Kanadese en Suid-Afrikaanse warmgewalsde koolstofstaalspesifikasies.


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