n Acta Classica : Proceedings of the Classical Association of South Africa - La "Terza Filippica" di Cicerone. Retorica e regolamento del Senato, legalità e rapporti di forza, Ciro Monteleone : book review

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Extracted from text ... 159 Ciro Monteleone, La "Terza Filippica" di Cicerone. Retorica e regolamento del Senato, legalit? e rapporti di forza. Biblioteca della Ricerca XI: Philologica 4. Fasano: Schena Editore. 2003. Pp. 533. ISBN 88.8229.390.4. 32.00. This very useful and long-awaited commentary (Latin text with Italian translation) by Ciro Monteleone is a welcome addition for scholars with a particular interest in Cicero's Philippics. With this work the author joins the recent trend in Ciceronian scholarship that concerns itself with the nature and significance of the political content of Cicero's speeches, especially those delivered during the remaining months of his life when he openly returned ..


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