n Acta Classica : Proceedings of the Classical Association of South Africa - The imagery of Solon, Fr. 4 West (3 Gentili-Prato)

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This article attempts to provide a close examination of the nature and impact of the images in Solon's Fr. 4 W. The images discussed are the 'foundations of Justice' (14-15), 'the unavoidable wound', the 'enslaved' city and 'slumbering war' (17-20), the prowling evil that threatens the city (27-30), the 'bonds' of Eunomia (33), the 'flowers of delusion' (35), and the 'taming' of arrogance (36-37). It is noticeable that in the majority of cases Solon's use of a particular image is the earliest in extant Greek literature, and that the images are organically integrated into the text and advance the argument and meaning.


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