n Acta Classica : Proceedings of the Classical Association of South Africa - Syracuse in Antiquity. History and Topography, Richard J. Evans : book review

Volume 54, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0065-1141
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With Richard J. Evans not only offers his readers a comprehensive account of - as the title announces - the history and topography of this Mediterranean metropolis but also succeeds in painting a vivid picture of the city's monumental townscape as a historical setting. The book's six chapters effectively fall into two parts: chapters one to three ('Urban Space', 'Chore' and 'Temples and Theatres') focus on topography in the wider sense, while chapters four to six ('The Four Great Sieges of Syracuse', 'Imperial Designs' and 'A City in the Roman Empire') deal with the history of events involving the city from the time of the Athenian expedition to the early Imperial period.

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