oa Codicillus - Address by Mr Justice BM Ngoepe, Judge President of the Transvaal Provincial Division, at the opening function of the Law Faculty on 20 February 2001

Volume 42, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0010-020X



Extracted from text ... Address by Mr JusticeBM Ngoepe, Judge President ofthe Transvaal Provincial Division, at the opening function of theLaw Faculty on 20 February 2001I believe that this is an appropriateoccasion to talk about some of thedevelopments in the practical applica-tion of the law in the country since thenew constitutional dispensation, so thatwe may be able to ask ourselves whetherany adaptations in the teaching of laware necessary; or whether there are anyparticular areas which require moreconcentrated studies. I do not pretendto deal with all such areas in this paper.There has been at least two maincauses of the need for accelerated, concentrated or even specialised studies.Firstly, ..

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