n Communicatio : South African Journal of Communication Theory and Research - Globalisation and making sense of the world : media studies : conference paper

Volume 30, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0250-0167



This article grapples with the problem of understanding present human life and circumstances, and the challenges humans face in their effort to make sense of it. The importance of theory in this quest is emphasised. Two notions are considered in terms of their value towards this endeavour: globalisation and worlding. Globalisation is the current buzz word and some of the issues related to this term have been named. The term &lt;I&gt;world&lt;/I&gt; is, however, preferred to <I>globalisation</I>, since &lt;I&gt;world&lt;/I&gt; does not refer to the impersonal globe, cosmos or universe. The term <I>world</I>, or <I>worlding</I>, wants to emphasise humanisation and further signifies sense-making. Sense-making, however, is no easy matter. On the one hand, it involves the threatening reality of evil, not in the religious sense but in a profound ethical sense. On the other hand, it involves the process of the expansion of consciousness carried and supported by the ascent into the noosphere which offers an awareness of a kind of thinking other than and different from logical reasoning. While the one warns against the mechanisation of the mind, the other maintains that technique is a point of support for the spiritualisation of humanity. This world compels us to find or make sense of it; world is precisely where there is a place, a true place, for everybody. If this were not the case there would only be a globe: a place of exile where we would exist as strangers.

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