n Communicatio : South African Journal of Communication Theory and Research - ISPs as ESPs : different keyboard strokes for different Christian folks. A response to Britz and de Villiers on the Internet and Christian ethics

Volume 31, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0250-0167



In an earlier &lt;I&gt;Communicatio&lt;/I&gt; (2002) article de Villiers (2002, 16-21) discussed the idea of moral responsibility and the Internet. A year later Britz and de Villiers (2003, 333-358) expanded on this article in another journal, <I>Verbum et Ecclesia&lt;/I&gt; (2003). The present article is a response to their ideas on Christian ethics and the Internet. A few reasons are presented why ethical deliberation on the Internet is important. The main points made by Britz and de Villiers are summarised. Interspersed throughout are alternative views on a broad framework on the matter of (Christian) ethics and the Internet.

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