n South African Computer Journal - Business analysis in the South African financial services environment : a model of business analysis methodology

Volume 2007, Issue 39
  • ISSN : 1015-7999
  • E-ISSN: 2313-7835



Business analysis is regarded as one of the most important issues of systems development because no other part is more difficult to rectify later. However, current requirements analysis methodologies are inadequate because they have phases that are at a too high level and do not map activities, techniques and tools to appropriate phases. The purpose of this paper was to investigate business analysis in the South African financial services environment and to develop a model of business analysis methodology.

This research was based on a qualitative research approach. Sixty participants made up of CIOs, business analysts, project managers and IS managers were interviewed and their experiences with regard to business analysis were investigated through focus group and individual interviews. Participants presented a purposive convenient sample. The researchers of this study performed the data analysis which consisted of finding patterns and themes, deriving categories and sub-categories by means of the constant comparative method.
The most important findings were: the phases of a model of business analysis methodology are the feasibility phase, business case phase, analysis and design phase and the post-implementation evaluation phase. The objectives, outcomes and relevance of each of those phases were also identified. In addition, appropriate activities, techniques and tools were mapped to each of those phases.

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